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Dec 21, 2012 6:55pm PST
this low key simmering if you arey to him. but you are bursting with theatrical energy. i've seen you perform. when estes is leaning on you trying to get you to drop something you are sniffing out do you want to say don't tell me how to live -- [ laughter ] >> i think -- i think. >> stephen: you think that all the time. >> i do. to be honest i do. >> stephen: being in the show are you less or more frightened about terrorism? does it calm you done or key you up? >> i'm not frightened terrorism. >> stephen: you are not? if you are not frightened about terrorism, then aren't you the problem? because you're lulling -- if your example is not to be frightened aren't you lulling the rest of us into a false sense of security and the terrorist have won? i'm frightened about the roots we call terrorism. >> stephen: let's blame america let's hear it. >> i do blame america partially and i blame the other side equally. one of the things i said before we shot the first sen of the pilot was here we have an opportunity not to make a document rix we're making a documentary about right wing america and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1